The Ultimate Muscle Therapy Roller!


Is your gym bag starting to feel like a tool box?

Mine was too . . .

So, I created the TRiGGER-PiN!™

( . . . and, fed the other stuff to my dog.)

*Core of spooled jute twine gives ideal firmness (between a lacrosse ball and tennis ball)

*Natural massage sensation of finger-width moisture resistant polypropylene rope

*Comfortable yet durable 2 mm neoprene sleeve



"This thing does everything, and goes everywhere!"



TRiGGER-PiN!™ is the answer . . .


* The only true ALL-IN-ONE roller that treats NECK to FEET.

* Designed by ACE Certified Trainer / Elite Level Athlete.

* Innovative "double-bubble" targets trigger points more effectively than foam.

* Optimized core density for ideal firmness (between a lacrosse ball and a tennis ball).

* Unmatched versatility & durability.

* Super portable: 2.25 pounds.

* Tough, yet soft polypropylene rope with protective neoprene sleeve--moisture/mildew resistant!

* Your running shoes have FUN COLORS--now your roller can too.

* BEAUTY + FUNCTION. Who doesn't love that?


"I have never used anything like the Trigger-Pin! I HIGHLY recommend to watch the YouTube channel he has on how to properly use it.

This is the best thing I have ever used for rolling/stretching.

Thanks for organizing a deep discount to the team! Well worth every penny!! Amazing product!!!" 

-Chewy (Triathlete, member of Comprehensive Racing Team)


Our unique design (patent pending) utilizes the healing texture of tightly spooled rope to release your myo-fascial adhesions (knots!). Our innovative 'double-bubble' core with its rugged wrap of diamond braided climbing-style rope hones in on your trigger points like no other roller on the market.

Roll both feet at once--whether you're sitting at your computer, or at the dinner table. TRiGGER-PiN!™ rolls on ANY TERRAIN with its 4" non-marking soft rubber wheels.

Our popular "Double Bubble" model targets from your neck and upper trapezius to your lower lumbar region like a dream. This model can also be used for lower body rolling as a less aggressive "entry-level" roller--since your weight can be distributed on two points. As you progress, you can easily shift onto one of the "bubbles" for more targeted massage.

Endorsed by chiropractors; physical therapists; and massage therapists alike: TRiGGER-PiN!™ will find and eliminate your trigger points safely and effectively in half the time it takes foam rollers--which soften and bow to the point of becoming ineffective in a short time. Sit on it! Lay on it! Roll on it! Your knots can't hide from TRiGGER-PiN!™ It stays with you in any position--unlike that lacrosse ball you were told to use . . .  and btw--a tennis ball is often too soft--and a lacrosse ball, you'll agree, is (ouch!) ridiculous. We believe (and our massage therapist and physical therapist customers agree) that TRiGGER-PiN!™, with its optimized core and 3 mm neoprene sleeve, is just right.


If you are a . . .

Physical Therapist

Massage Therapist


Wellness Director

Personal Trainer


Athletic Director


 . . . and want to add value to your practice or sports programs; or positively differentiate your training/equipment category--contact me now for great discounted pricing and resale opportunities!  

*Visit my INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS page to learn the best rolling positions for optimal benefits.



Brand new on the market, Trigger-Pin!™ is the solution. Trigger-Pin!'s  design 

(patent pending) utilizes the healing texture of tightly spooled rope and 

twine along its full length. It's like a rolling pin but with an elliptical 

core of firmly wound jute twine and padded lightly with a 2 mm neoprene 


Over the jute is 1/2 inch diamond braided polypropylene cord running the full 

12 inch length of Trigger-Pin!™ which feels phenomenal against your aching 

soles as you roll both feet at once while watching the evening news--or eating 

dinner. Trigger-pin!™rolls quietly on 4" non-marking rubber wheels. Some 

designs (see above pic.) have the jute over the polypropylene (with optional 

rubber coating) for a more aggressive texture. Tell me what you want and I can 

make it--one bump or two?

The "Dubble Bubble" model is popular for the way it targets upper back (middle 

trapezius) and the lumbar region so well. This model can also be used for 

lower body rolling as a less aggressive "entry-level" roller--since your 

weight is distributed on two cores.

Trigger-Pin! will find and eliminate your trigger points safely and 

effectively in half the time it takes foam rollers. Sit on it! Lay on it! Roll 

on it! Trigger-Pin!™ stays with you in any position--unlike that tennis ball 

or golfball you were told to use . . .  and btw--a tennis ball's too soft--a 

golfball is ridiculous. Trigger-Pin! is just right. See our instructional demo 

page (coming soon) for photos of best positions for optimum benefits.

TRiGGER-PiN!™ makes a great gift for anyone suffering from muscle soreness or fascia knots in their feet, legs, back, shoulders, neck, arms . . . let's face it--we ALL do, whether our work keeps us on our feet all day--or at our desk all day. Of course, TRiGGER-PiN!™ is perfect for that 5K runner in your life, the marathoner, the Ironman--SOMEONE you know is into CrossFit, or training for a Tough Mudder--maybe it's YOU! 

And btw, not only has TRiGGER-PiN!™ been shown to improve athletic performance and recovery, but also to dramatically increase range of motion in patients recovering from knee replacement surgery.


TRiGGER-PiN!™ now $62.95  

FREE shipping in the continental U.S. (for now).



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